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Kids Planet / Care4Kidz


KidzPlanet/Care4Kidz is a ministry that provides hygiene care products to children of needy families. So far, we were able to raise enough money from local businesses to help us donate over 200 hygiene care packs to children at Holley Navarre Primary and Holley Navarre Intermediate schools, as well as Florosa Elementary and the Santa Rosa County Health Department. In 2013, we gave away several hundred toothbrushes to children at the Navarre FunFest and the Navarre Christmas Parade. This year, we would like to donate care packs to Kids House in Milton, as well as The Good Samaritan Clinic in Midway.

We are planning a new community outreach to donate stuffed animals and mini throw blankets to the police and fire department to help comfort the victims of house fires and domestic violence.

If you would like to participate or become a monthly sponsor, here is a list of items we need, or you can make your check payable to KidzPlanet/Care4Kidz in order to receive your tax deductible receipt.

  1. Travel size Kleenex
  2. Travel size shampoo
  3. Travel size toothpaste
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Dental floss picks
  6. Band-aids
  7. Soaps
  8. Bath sponge
  9. Combs
  10. Stuffed animals
  11. Mini throw blanket

All donations go toward Kidz Planet/Care4Kidz. Thank you and God Bless!