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Apostolic Lighthouse Church of Navarre

Apostolic Doctrine - Pentecostal Experience

Behind the Scenes at ALC

Behind the scenes of a successful church are many hard working Brothers and Sisters deserve special recognition. From "office staff" to maintenance to publicity and graphics to feeding the multitudes; each one is a ministry unto itself. Without them, the church would not be the success it is. May our Lord, Jesus be with each one of you.

Pastor & Sister Kallam

Our Pastor & Pastor's Wife

Pastor and Sister Kallam are at the forefront of what goes on at ALC. Their direction and guidance inspires all of us.

Deacon Sims

Outreach Director

Heading up Outreach to Navarre and surrounding neighborhoods.  "The Waymakers!!"

Sis. Crystal

Events Coordinator

Plans and decorates for many of the events we have at ALC.