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Apostolic Lighthouse Church of Navarre

Apostolic Doctrine - Pentecostal Experience

Behind the Scenes at ALC

Behind the scenes of a successful church are many hard working Brothers and Sisters deserve special recognition. From "office staff" to maintenance to publicity and graphics to feeding the multitudes; each one is a ministry unto itself. Without them, the church would not be the success it is. May our Lord, Jesus be with each one of you.

Pastor & Sister Kallam

Our Pastor & Pastor's Wife

Pastor and Sister Kallam are at the forefront of what goes on at ALC. Their direction and guidance inspires all of us.

Deacon Sims

Departmental Supervisor

Helps Pastor & Sister Kallam supervise all of the departments at ALC.

Sis. Crystal

Events Coordinator

Plans and decorates for many of the events we have at ALC.